Follow up your processes

Thanks to huge experience in automation & process control, PLC software and SCADA developments we are able to put together different subsystems “under one roof”. Whether it is project design, management, software development, construction or maintenance of process lines, stations or networks, MIL-IT SOLUTIONS LLC can find a solution for you, relying on world class brands components and equipments. Combining the knowledges of our departments, according to project specifications not only software but also custom made hardware can be produced to improve the existing system’s performance, making it visible remotely, transferring data to cloud or local data bases – transforming it to IoT system or product.

From simple…

The importance of maintenance is often left out but in a case of malfunctions, production stoppages, the need for system supervision and maintenance becomes a priority. One of the main problems due to overloads, unregular maintenance schedules and unawareness of possible problems can cause downtimes.

… to complex monitoring.

To minimize these situations, we are offering as an official distributor of AMC VIBRO for Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Northern Macedonia, machinery condition monitoring, diagnostics and maintenance products and services. The product range consists of sensors, multichannel diagnostic systems, portable systems, software, alignment systems and accessories. We are providing also constant remote supervision.