Our custom hardware solutions

Our talented team develops innovative hardware prototypes according to your needs. Electrical and software engineers are involved in system and PCB design, testing, product bring up and validation. Covering the whole project cycle from idea to PCB manufacturing (rigid, flex and rigid-flex multilayer boards) and end-project support, we are committed to provide the highest quality service according to our procedures and workflows.

From start…

Working with several vendors, prototypes can be delivered according to specifications and agreed time frames. Our solutions can be found in communications network, IoT, industrial electronics, public and private sector. Consultancy services are also covering partial project assignments if clients prefer that kind of cooperation. All of our products and solutions are covered by support and maintenance according to our general rules or specific contract rules.

… to finish.

Familiar with:
·ARM, Multi-core, Dual-core, and Quad-core SMP microprocessor architectures,
·Connectivity (Ethernet, USB, PCIe, CAN, WiFi, Bluetooth), Serial (SPI, I2C, UART), Multimedia (Audio, Video), Storage (Flash, SDRAM, SSD, SATA), UI (HDMI, LCD, DVI) and A/D, D/A, GPIO interfaces,
·PCB schematic design (layout and design and power management).

One of our focuses is IoT, especially in smart city applications. Gathering data, helping citizens in everyday activities and improving municipality’s services through its district companies is our task by implementing different technologies and communication protocols.